Success is all about having options and creating a lifestyle on your own terms

So Here’s What We’re All About

Hi, we’re Roberto & Mirco, also known as the Father & Son Founder Team of thefirstsix.
We’re professional affiliate marketers and consultants for digital businesses. Because we believe that the digital economy will be the future for all of us, we have dedicated ourselves to advising others how to create their own businesses online and to helping them on their journey to personal success. Together with our clients, we create businesses that enable them to live the lifestyle they want and deserve.
We’re privileged and blessed to cooperate with the best of the best when it comes to experience and knowledge regarding the digital economy. In fact our partners Stuart & Jay at the SFM have already helped thousands of clients to find their niche and achieve their goals in this area. Together we are looking forward to coaching as many people as possible who are new to this field and who want to succeed in the coming years and beyond. Roberto & Mirco, thefirstsix, get paid as consultants by recommending and reselling products and services that we trust and use from other companies on this website. We’re sure that you the potential for everything you need within you, so let us help you to create your own unique success story. We are ready if you are.

Roberto Triulzi & Mirco Triulzi

Our Vision:

We believe that online is the future for all of us. We want to build a community that’s able to provide every individual on this planet enough knowledge so that they can join the digital economy without prejudice towards someone on his or her origin, gender or skin color.

Our Mission:

Due to the ever-faster automation in almost all areas of the economy, certain industries are keeping up with technology by replacing people with programs, which causes job cuts and calls into question many people’s fate. Thus, our mission is to provide the opportunity to those individuals who are located in technology-spanning industries or who classify their workplaces as vulnerable, by helping them replace their income by providing education and coaching to evolve with the changes.

Our Values:

We believe that everything we do should be done with happiness and pleasure so we’ll attract the good things in life.

We believe that approaching each other with the highest degree of respect and hearing what others think of us leads us towards self-improvement.

We believe in communicating in an open and straightforward way. This is the key to fast results and high productivity.

We believe that balancing body and soul is key, for example treating our bodies with the right nutrition and exercise.

We believe that moving forward in a direction we’ve decided to go and holding on to this path without having a Plan B is important because Plan B will only distract from Plan A.

We believe that keeping things simple and easy to understand will lead us to a faster realization of our goals and will support our communication in a positive way.

We believe that together we can mobilize energies strong enough to shift mountains.

We believe that everyone should have a place where they can recharge their batteries and enjoy time with those who they are closest to – because at the end of the day, they’re all that counts.

We believe in standing up every morning blessed and grateful for what we have in life; this lets us stay human and humble.

We believe that we are at our best if we are authentic and are transparent in our environment.


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