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According to Wikipedia, one understands ambitions …

…as the striving of a human being based on personal goals, such as achievement, success, recognition, influence, leadership or power.

One could also say: Whoever is ambitious, wants to be coveted, admired and loved. Women feel more attracted to ambitious men, while men develop incredible ambitions to seduce the most attractive women.

The US psychologist Dean Simonton from the University of California believes: “Ambition is energy plus determination“. However, we also need goals, which it is worth to work out so that the inner driving forces unfold. The more concrete these goals, the greater the passion that one develops for it.


Is ambition more important than intelligence?

„If you want something, you find ways to get it; If you do not want something, you find excuses!“

The French writer Victor Hugo said, “Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come”. But the best idea is not useful if it can not be put into practice. The most beautiful idea without a plan is just a wish. Without ambition, without the sometimes stubborn desire for feasibility, inventions and developments would have lapsed, some professional career would never have taken place.

In short, ambitions are one of the main driving forces behind success.

And this ambition is obviously more important than intelligence. When the HR consultancy Heidrick & Struggles interviewed 1000 German managers, which criteria were the most suitable for their career, there was a surprising result:

Non-origin, not education, or even intelligence, were the most important criteria for career advancement, according to respondents. Ambition and a functioning network were the most important criteria for career advancement.

Ok, ambitions are good for the career. But that’s not all, and there are other good reasons to be more ambitious and to develop bigger ambitions:


• Ambitions promote character

Ambition alone is already a very positive character. But this is not enough because ambitions also affect other parts of the personality. Ambitious people are usually very disciplined when it comes to putting goals into action. In addition, it develops a strong enforcement capacity, but also have the necessary patience. Even creativity can emerge from ambitions when it comes to finding ways and solutions.


• Ambitions can be transferred

An ambitious personality is not limited to a single part of life. Those who have ambitions in their careers usually have this in their spare time, for example, in a hobby or in sport – and vice versa. If you learn to think and act ambitiously, you benefit from it in the most diverse areas.


• Blessing and curse of the ambition

Some drive their ambition to power, others to new records, others to entrepreneurial freedom. It breaches taboos and prohibitions of thought, overcomes fears, inspires and motivates to overcome obstacles.


Again, how ambitious are you?

Are you also one of us who strives for entrepreneurial freedom?
Do you find ways to join the Six Figures Mentors, or are you looking for excuses to be unable to be a part of?

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