Bruce Springsteen; A man in jeans and a red cap in his pocket, with his back against the background of the US flag. This historical cover was Bruce Springsteen’s seventh album. Since June 4, 1984, the world began to go crazy for the “boss of rock”.

The album title takes its name from the single, which in those years was welcomed as a patriotic hymn and an exaltation of the American dream, yet the text recounts another story.

The story actually reveals a bitter reflection on veterans of the Vietnam War. Popularized by this hit and other singles such as Dancing In The Dark, Cover Me and I’m On Fire, the album sold 30 million copies worldwide, remaining top of the charts for 85 weeks.

In Italy, where Springsteen staged for the first time in 1985 (at the San Siro Stadium) with the same tour, his album reached 1.4 million copies, resulting in the second best-selling foreign album in Italy after “True Blue” of Madonna.

Where were you born?

How important was your birthplace for your business? Do you think you would be more successful today if you were born in a different place?

These are questions that cannot be answered because we cannot know other courses of life. We make daily decisions, which we think right at the time. Years later, however, we wonder how it would have been if we had decided otherwise.

We cannot change the past, so stop worrying about it. Carry your good memories with you and use them for your future plans and drop all the bad ones that keep you back from your goals.

Let’s start to go crazy right now in the U.S.A. or anywhere in the world, and become “the boss of your digital business!”

Kind regards,

PS:  Listen to the story of Stuart Ross “the boss of the Six Figure Mentors!”

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