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Today, 87 years ago, the first Swiss Glacier Express in Zermatt started on the 25th of June 1930 at 7:30 am with 70 invited guests and reached St. Moritz (my hometown) after eleven hours.

With the Glacier Express, the railway companies wanted to build on the tradition of luxury trains whose development had been interrupted by the First World War.

In the war years from 1943 and until 1946, the Glacier Express had to be stopped, as the foreign tourists were absent.

After the acquisition of several new panorama cars, several train cars were added to the first and second class areas. Hot lunch was served in the new cars right at the seats. Passengers were informed of interesting details about the route by headphones in six different languages (German, English, French, Japanese, Chinese and Italian).

Today the Glacier Express is often referred to as the “slowest express train in the world”. In about eight hours the train travels over 291 bridges, through 91 tunnels and over the 2033 m high Oberalp Pass.

The basic unit of the Glacier Express consists of six wagons:
• a first-class panoramic car with a wheelchair-accessible toilet
• another first-class panorama car
• a kitchen / bar panorama car or a classic dining car
• three second-class panoramic cars

Today, the price per adult for a trip from St. Moritz to Zermatt is CHF 269 for first class and CHF 153 for second class. It’s an incredible train journey with a beautiful panorama on Swiss landscape and mountains, peppered with an exquisite cuisine all in cozy armchairs.

Now imagine what you have to do in your current job and what your environment looks like? And imagine you’re on this train ride and sitting in one of those cozy armchairs with your laptop. The food is served to you while the train continues its route and you enjoy the amazing landscape and beauty through the panoramic windows. You write a blog post, take a video or take great photos, listen to your favorite music, surf the Internet or comfortably read a book.


And? Does your body vibrate?  Is this resonating?

I hope this train trip inspires you to do your work wherever you feel free and happy. The Six Figure Mentors makes this inspiration my reality. Join us on the SFM train today!

Kind regards,

PS:  Listen also to the story of Stuart Ross!

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