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The “red telephone”, which is also called “the hotline”, is about a permanent connection between the Soviet Union and the United States.

The experiences of the Cuban crisis led to a constant connection between the two super powers of the United States and the Soviet Union. Thus the two leaders, the American President and the Soviet Prime Minister, were able to communicate more easily in difficult situations.

During the days of the Cuban crisis, it became clear how important communication between the two super powers was. As this was missing, the world was at the brink of its greatest catastrophe, threatening an atomic war with all its terrible consequences.

On July 30, 1963, one “red phone” was installed for the American President and another the Soviet Prime Minister, which gave the two big powers and their chiefs, one sitting in the White House, the other in the Kremlin in Moscow, the possibility of coming into direct contact with one another in crisis situations.

Since the two have the ultimate decision-making power over the use of atomic weapons, they hoped to prevent an atomic war that could be triggered by accident. For a long time, this intention had existed, but it was not until the Cuban crisis that the Americans realized the necessity of such a direct link.

These “red phones” still exist, but not just between the US and the Soviet Union. Red phones describe connections to a directly responsible person.


Your SFM “red phone”

I find this metaphor fits our online business well. The “red phone” or “hotline” that each of us receives as soon as we have registered as an SFM member is as direct as the red phone between the two big powers.

It is reassuring to know that you can always contact the SFM Hotline and they will be able to answer you in a competent way.

This gives you the security to drive your business forward and at the same time, a good feeling not to be left alone, but to be understood.

So if you have not yet found a reliable contact person, your search can come to an end. With the Six Figures Mentors, you’ve found your “red phone”. 

Join today and build a permanent connection to the SFM affiliate business!

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PS:  Listen also to the story of Stuart Ross!

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