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Today 25 years ago, the era of the Internet begins: The 34-year-old Tim Berners-Lee, Cern researcher, finds the solution to the problem of how to share documents between scholars. He developed hypertext-based software that he baptizes as a World Wide Web. The networking site is the first in history and officially inaugurates the Internet era.

“The web is more of a social innovation than a technical innovation. I designed it to help people collaborate, not as a technology toy. The ultimate goal of the Web is to improve our reticulum life”.  With these words, Tim remembers the primary purpose of his invention, which was born to be used only by the scientific community.

His insights on URL, HTTP, and HTML language pave the way for further refinements, particularly after Cern’s decision in April 1993 to release Web-based technology by renouncing the copyright. The next step will be the birth of the first browser, Mosaic (1993), and the first search engine, which allows anyone who is connected to “surf” on the net.


Thank you, Tim!

Without his invention we wouldn’t be able to do our online business, right? The Internet changed so many things and daily new software and apps are developed to increase productivity but essentially to generate money through the World Wide Web.

So also the SFM affiliate software that was developed for all the Six Figures Members to have full control over their business wherever they are in the world.

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