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Today is the World Book and Copyright Day, a UNESCO-sponsored event to promote reading, publishing books, and copyright protection, the so-called copyright.

On the 23rd of April every year, with many events around the world, the pleasure of reading is celebrated and the contribution that writers give to the development of culture and progress in the world is highlighted.

The party was born in Catalonia and was initially celebrated on October 7th. Subsequently, he moved to April 23, coinciding with the day dedicated to San Giorgio (Patron of Catalonia). In honor of the saint, in Catalonia, it is a tradition that women receive a rose from men, so it became customary for bookstores to give their customers a rose for each book they bought on this date.

Why exactly on April 23rd? The date was chosen in 1996 in commemoration of the day when, in 1616, three important writers died:

Spanish Miguel de Cervantes
English William Shakespeare
Peruvian Inca Garcilaso de la Vega
The purpose of the day is to spread love for reading and to turn the spotlight on writers, their value and the difficulties of their profession.


Are you reading?

Wouldn’t it be amazing if we would spend more time reading great books about personal growth instead of watching TV where we are the consumer of bad news?

Make it a habit of reading a half an hour every day. You will be amazed how your subconscious mind changes and your business will flourish.

And may this virtual rose be a special day for all women.

Kind regards,

PS: Do you know the story of Stuart Ross?

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